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The Extortionist Tarkov

The Extortionist Tarkov

The Extortionist Tarkov. After giving the skier a shotgun and armor, the skier politely asks for another favor. In and out of the Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist quest, you’ll need to find where the cargo is hidden and the key that opens the door that secures it.

As a thank you for repaying the cargo, the skier sent Molot VPO-209 A .336 TKM carbine, three AK 7.62×39 30-round magazines, 20,336 TKM AP-M rounds, and 3200 EXP, which gives you a healthy .04. Increase your skier rep and spend $500 on your peacekeeper.

How to complete Escape from Tarkov, Trump question

Garage across the river. Here you can find the key, the first step in completing the “Escape from Tarkov” quest “The Extortionist.” Heading east of the river past “Welcome to Markov’s Track,” there are some bushes just before heading to the burrow.

In one of these bushes is a corpse that I can only assume is the blackmailer in question. Loot the body, and the unknown key should be right there. The biggest issue with this key is that while it guarantees a spawn in every raid, it’s not a player-specific spawn like quest items.

So if someone manages to catch you before you get there, unfortunately, you’re out of luck. Also, some people are a little mean and will throw away the key even if you clear the quest, so you must be careful there.

After securing the key, proceed east through the site

The Extortionist Tarkov. It is the place to easily kill PMCs for quests or fun, especially for those who want to kill PMCs during early wipe times, so be careful. Approaching the assault at night is a good way to combat this. Night vision or thermal scopes aren’t prevalent when you’re most likely camping in this quest.

Door When unlocked, the cargo should be on the floor under the jacket. Items must be retrieved immediately after the robbery and returned to the skier. So, depending on your extraction point, you have two closest options.

If you still have the old gas station statement, that’s easiest, but so are ZB-1012 and ZB-1011. Otherwise, go west on the main road or try a smuggler boat that crosses the river back to the junction.

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