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Penthouse Forum

Penthouse Forum

Penthouse Forum, occasionally simply Forum, is a magazine owned by FriendFinder Networks, the publisher of Penthouse magazine.

Background and Outline

Penthouse Forum began in March 1968 and featured letters and articles on health, medicine, psychology, and social relationships. Its subtitle was the International Journal of Human Relations. An American edition was published in 1971 and was the fastest-moving national magazine by 1978.

In the 1970s, Forum was 1 of the most-sold magazines in America. In 1996, Forum had 400,000 subscribers. The magazine’s letters section became popular, so another publication, Penthouse Letters, was created to feature them.


Many of the editorial workforce and half of the published letter writers were women. Alastair Campbell, a journalist and Tony Blair’s former Director of Communications, was a participant in the magazine, as was Chad Varah, the founder of The Samaritans charity and an Anglican priest, who was a guide on sex education for the magazine.

About Magazine

I spent my teenage years being kicked out of several different schools. The authority got stuck in my crawl. I entered public school at age 16 but skipped as much as possible.

That year I skipped the finals and drove off with another delinquent to attend a private girls’ school for lunch. One school had blue skirts, the other green. I liked the green dress best, but Doug told me not to be too specific. Blue is as good as green. It was like when a man in sunglasses sat in a chair, and the music was blowing a hurricane of momentum on him. 

On one occasion, Doug lost control of her as she drove into a country that still had an all-girls school and came upon an immature cornfield.  On the way back to town, the engine hit the hood in every collision. It didn’t matter to me.

More About Magazine

While Doug yells at red lights and smokes to Britpop beats while making donuts in a half-empty grocery store lot, I wish I could lose myself royally in my youth.

  • Johnny Unitas had a restaurant in Towson, and we used to sit in the parking lot across the street and have an occasional beer. Another time he landed down the hill from the country club, which was his court for the last grass tennis in town. Seeing a girl with her hair thoroughly brushed chewing gum reminded me of the summers they spent on Nags Her Head and Gibson Island. They smoked Marlboro Lights and drank Diet Coke. It smelled like victory.
  • What I didn’t realize was the need for discretion. I wish it weren’t so eventful. If I weren’t the product of a broken home, I would get into a lot of trouble. Traffic accident trouble. They don’t manipulate adults from pain in the wallet as easily as in the chest or heart.
  • So I rode a bitch and rarely had my own money. I walked back and forth between the older adult’s apartment and my mother’s house. not voluntary
  • Somewhere out there, I started dating a nice girl. She was or could have been a debutante. If you do multiple deportations, you lose that nickname.
  • When I got home, I went further south and saw my mother brandishing my testimony like a kitchen knife.
  • They say you won’t come to school anymore.
  • Turned around and left. The older adult was not happy to see me.
  • Since their divorce, they had a simple communication plan.
  • Tell Dad I need new clothes. Mama will tell you.
  • His father frowned and answered.
  • Tell your mother that you work hard for your money.
  • But this time we decided to call each other. And hatched a plan: send me to Texas for the summer.

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