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How to make Wood in Little Alchemy

How to make Wood in Little Alchemy

How to make Wood in Little Alchemy. It is such a quick enjoyable fun little game our family has come to love. Today we show you how to make one of the most complex things in Little Alchemy, Wood. Anything is possible when you have clear direction and put your mind to it.

As we believe in creating from the ground up, below are all the steps on how do you make Wood in Little Alchemy from scratch.

How to Make Wood in Little Alchemy from scratch

  • Air and Water = Rain
  • Earth and Rain = Plant
  • Water and Earth = Mud
  • Plant and Mud = Swamp
  • Air and Fire = Energy
  • Swamp and Energy = Life
  • Earth and Life = Human
  • Earth and Fire = Lava
  • Air and Lava = Stone
  • Air and Stone = Sand
  • Fire and Sand = Glass
  • Glass and Sand = Time
  • Fire and Stone = Metal
  • Human and Metal = Tool
  • Plant and Time = Tree
  • Time and Tree = Wood

Combination of Other Items

  • Story makes pinocchio
  • Stream makes bridge
  • Swordfish makes a fishing rod
  • Tobacco makes pipe
  • Tool makes axe
  • Tree makes treehouse
  • Air makes flute
  • Animal makes beaver
  • Bee makes beehive
  • Bird makes woodpecker
  • Blade makes axe and sword
  • Blender makes paper
  • Bow makes arrow
  • Bullet makes arrow
  • Charcoal makes pencil
  • Cheese makes mousetrap
  • Coal makes pencil
  • The container makes bucket and a fireplace
  • Cook makes the cutting board
  • Corpse makes coffin
  • Earth makes plow
  • Fabric makes drums and tent
  • The field makes fence and plow
  • Fire makes campfire + charcoal + smoke
  • Fish makes a fishing rod
  • Fruit makes fruit tree
  • Garden makes fence
  • Glass makes mirror
  • Hay makes broom
  • Horse makes trojan horse
  • House makes log cabin
  • Human makes lumberjack and tool
  • Ice makes snowboard
  • Juice makes popsicle
  • Lake makes boat
  • Leather makes drum
  • Letter makes mailbox
  • Wall makes fence
  • Water makes boat and paper
  • Wheel makes cart
  • Wind makes flute
  • Wine makes barrel
  • Wire makes bow
  • Wizard makes wand
  • Wood makes wall
  • Life makes pinocchio
  • Machine makes paper
  • Mailman makes mailbox
  • Metal makes tool
  • Music makes drum
  • Ocean makes boat
  • Paper makes book
  • Pencil makes ruler
  • Piranha makes a fishing rod
  • Plant makes tree
  • Pressure makes paper
  • The river makes boat and bridge
  • Rock makes tool
  • Rope makes bow
  • Sea makes boat
  • Snow makes snowboard
  • Sound makes bell
  • Steel makes tool
  • Stone makes axe and tool

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