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Easy Ways To Facilitate Hardwareswap


Welcome to Hardwareswap, a community, and market for purchasing, promoting, and shopping for and promoting all styles of pc hardware. It could be vital that you study the wiki placed in the sidebar for simple buying and advertising methods. Analyzing our guidelines and publications is the first-class and most mounted way to keep.

Download & set up the Hardwareswap software program.

  • First down, load the XPhone connect software program: To download the software program.
  • Install the software program on logo-new hardware. Comply with the commands within the set-up wizard

Decide whether MAC copes with Hardwareswap id.

However, Swapping the XPhone tool hardware calls for the MAC to address the hardware id of your modern XPhone server and the future server.

Cellphone join

Due to the fact, The hardware identification can be located within the management interface of the cellphone join server at:

  • Gadget settings > Licenses > License control > Import license package
  • Please be aware of the hardware id.
  • XPhone Unified Communications, XPhone virtual listing, XPhone essentials, or Octopus desk.

Determine the MAC cope with (physical address) by using starting up the command line for your current tool and entering into the subsequent command:

  • Ipconfig /all
  • Please note the MAC cope with.

Move licenses to new hardware license code handy Hardwareswap

Shifting your XPhone licenses from one item of hardware to a few different calls for a license code for the expenses already to had, which can be taken a look at for your license certificates acquired thru e-mail.

Open license management

  • Choose hardware alternate
  • Click subsequent and input your license code and the safety code proved earlier than clicking subsequent.
  • Input license code

You may get a message that your licenses have already been noted, and you presently have the opportunity to call the right over again or position a hardware exchange into effect.
The hardware change can persist after affirmation that the licenses are to be moved to new hardware.

Verify by clicking the link inside the electronic mail.

Following affirmation, you could implement the hardware trade within 24 hours.

  • Input new hardware identification Hardwareswap
  • Click on next and enter today’s hardware identification or MAC deal with the server to which the licenses are to be a pass. Then click on subsequent all over again.

Register licenses for emblem-new hardware

In the end, you may get maintenance of a precis of the licenses to be moved to the logo-new hardware.
So please click on generate and supply license if all the facts are correct. You’ll then get an electronic mail containing the equal license (XML) document.

Prompt license

  • Open management path Hardwareswap XPhone connect.
  • Open the management path of your XPhone connect server and open license control:
  • Gadget settings > Licenses > License management > Import license package
  • Load the saved license record (.Xml) at the XPhone server and click import to add the licenses.
  • XPhone Unified Communications, XPhone digital list, XPhone important, and Octopus table
  • Set up the license file with the aid of setting out the control path of your XPhone server and starting license management:
  • Machine settings > Licenses > License management > Import license package deal
  • Load the saved license record (.Xml) on the XPhone server and click import to add the licenses.

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