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Ashley Judd’s Net Worth 

Ashley Judd's Net Worth 

Ashley Judd’s Net Worth is about 14$ millions. Ashley Judd is an American TV and movie actress and political activist. Judd is likely best known for her various acting roles, but in recent years she has also had an impressive career as a political activist.

Her most famous films include Ruby in Paradise, Heat, A Time to Kill, Kiss the Olympus Has Fallen, Divergent, Girls, Dolphin Tale, and A Dog’s Way. And so on. She is also known for a pop-up on shows such as her Missing, and her performance in that series earned her a Primetime Emmy Award.

Full Name Ashley Judd
Net Worth14$ millions
Date of BirthApril 19, 1968 
Age54 Years
Height1.7 m (5 ft 6 in)
NationalityUnited States
Occupation Actor, political activist, etymologist, TV producer, voice actor, voice actor.

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  • Early Life
  • Career
  • Brand Recommendations
  • Politics
  • Relationships
  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Real Estate

Niaomi Judd and Granada Hills were marketing analysts when she was four. His parents discovered him. It wasn’t until her 80’s that Ashley’s mother became a successful country singer. She matured with her sister Wynonna, who became her country singer.

After her mother’s divorce, she took Ashley and her sister to her home state of Kentucky. Judd attended 13 schools in Lexington, Ashland, and Tennessee. After graduating high school, she modeled briefly in Japan before continuing her studies at the University of Kentucky.

She studied French, anthropology, art history, theater, and women’s studies during her study years. After completing her study, she moved to Hollywood, where she studied acting while working in a restaurant. Finally, she moved back to Tennessee to be near her mother and sister.

Many years later, Judd returned to the University of Kentucky to earn a Bachelor’s degree and was later assigned an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Union College.

Career Details

The first great role was in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” She appeared in two parts of the series in the early 90s. She then booked a returning role on the NBC drama “Sisters.” Her first film role also came to this time, and it was a short pop-up in “Kuffs.”

She then booked an acting role in the independent film “Ruby in Paradise.” It led to other parts in films like “Natural Born Killers,” “Smoke,” and “Heat.” Another important role in the 90s came with “Norma Jean and Marilyn,” in which she played Marilyn Monroe.

Movie Career

During the 2000s, she popped up in movies like “Where the Heart Is,” “Someone Like You, “Frida,” “De-Lovely,” and “Twisted.” High Crimes. She also performed in a Broadway revival of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” During the 2010s, she became known for her roles in movies like “Flypaper and “Insurgent.” “Divergent,” She also spent this period acting as Rebecca Winstone in ABC’s “Missing.” Following these characters, Judd began to focus more on political activism.

A holdup role came with “A Time to Kill,” which received positive feedback while performing well at the box office. By this time, she was a leading actress, taking lead roles in films such as Kiss the Girls and Double Jeopardy. Ashley Judd’s Net Worth is about 14$ millions.

In 2004, Ashley became the new face of the cosmetic brand American Beauty. In 2007, Judd agreed with Goody’s Family Clothing to launch her three new clothing lines.


Judd was an outspoken politician. She repeatedly criticized Republican politicians like Sarah Palin but supported mainstream Democrats like Barack Obama. Participated in humanitarian missions in countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2013, she announced she would run for Senate but eventually declined. She is also a proud feminist and has participated in many women’s marches and other events. In the 2020 presidential election, she endorsed Elizabeth Warren.


In 1999, Judd began a relationship with Scotland-based racing driver Dario Franchitti. She married the couple in 2001. Twelve years later, they divorced. Ashley is an antinatalist, so she had no children during the relationship. She believes it’s morally wrong to bring a child into the world.

Harvey Weinstein

In 2015, Ashley Judd revealed that she was sexually harassed by a powerful figure in the entertainment industry. Two years later, she named the person Harvey Weinstein. She reported being harassed while filming Kiss, the Girls.

In 2018, Ashley went one step further and filed a defamation lawsuit against Weinstein. A federal judge dismissed Judd’s sexual harassment allegations against Harvey, but Judd allowed her to file a defamation lawsuit. In 2019, Ashley accused her of being raped three times. Admitted in her life.

Real Estate

In 2013, reported that Judd had purchased a home in Kentucky. Ashland Ashley’s home only cost $120,000, so buying celebrity homes was definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. So she probably got this house for sentimental reasons. In addition, Judd himself spent many years in this mansion. The property covers an area of ​​1,400 square meters and has three bedrooms and a bathroom. Ashley Judd’s Net Worth is about 14$ millions.

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